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Top Rated Electric Griddles

I keep an electric griddle on my kitchen sideboard for quick and easy meals. You can make a lot of really good dishes on them.

In a rush?

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For Sunday brunch, you can whip up pancakes or raspberry crepes or omelettes. You can even fry bacon to a perfect crisp with the right electric griddle.

Burgers are easy, and why not add a little butter to saute fresh garlic, onions, and peppers for that extra pow!

That being said, here of some of the best rated electric griddles for the kitchen!

Best Rated Electric Griddles on Amazon

Cooking Burgers on an Electric Griddle

Hamburgers & Steak : How to Cook a Hamburger on an Electric Griddle

When cooking a hamburger on an electric griddle, make sure you spray the griddle with cooking spray so the patties don't stick.

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